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Big News. May 27, 2009

Posted by jorkat in Seoul.

One of the things I was looking forward to most about moving to Korea, was being given the opportunity to give Korean children an English name. So you can imagine my disappointment when I was informed shortly after arriving that all my children already had an English name, and that my services would not be required. As I had written in a previous post, I had so many different ideas for names that I was hoping to implement and now they were all going to waste, or so I thought.

Yesterday I was approached by the Director of my school  and informed that one of my students, the infamous Bob, (yes that Bob) wants to change his name. His reason being that he thinks that Bob sounds too close to the word “bap” which is “rice” in Korean. Keep in mind that Koreans pronounce the letter “A” more like an “O”, so rice is really pronounced like “Bop”. Therefore his rationale is somewhat sound. I immediately volunteered my services to find him a new name and was awarded the position.


Despite my initial excitement at being entrusted with this task, I am now somewhat overwhelmed with the responsibility that has been bestowed on me. Before coming to Korea, I had so many ideas pent up inside that I now I can’t decide which direction to go in. The other thing is, in my mind he’s the perfect Bob. It seemed like an unusual name for a 4-5 year old at first but now I’m having trouble envisioning him under any other name.

I need your help.

After anguishing over this all day, I’ve narrowed it down to four options. I’ve set up a voting system for our readers to cast their vote, and need as many votes as possible before making my final decision on Friday morning. His parents will obviously have the ability to veto the winning name, but I’m pretty sure I can convince them to go with any of these finalists.

Here are the finalists in alphabetical order along with some more video of Bob breaking it down. He’s the best. You can see the first video I posted of him, right here.

His fate is in your hands.


1. jorkat - May 28, 2009

Make sure you visit the actual blog to vote at the bottom of the post. The ballot doesn’t show up in the email version of the post. Thanks again for your input.

2. Christine - May 28, 2009

Rationale for the name JACOB 🙂

After watching your video of “Bob”, I am reminded of a kindergarten boy that I taught last year. His name is Jacob. He was a real character and full of energy…not always postive 🙂 He LOVED to be the centre of everyone’s attention and would do crazy things to ensure that he was. Therefore, I think that Jacob is a appropriate name for your “Bob” 🙂

3. M Squared - May 28, 2009

is there even a question? that dude looks like a Lebron.

4. Katie - May 28, 2009

I think you should think up a new name for rice…because this kid NEEDS to be called BOB!!!

5. fink - May 28, 2009

please everyone and call the kid Bobby or Boob – sam same but different

6. Kelly Taylor - May 28, 2009

I voted for Jack and your wife no’s why but I still think the child needs to be Bob. He just looks like a Bob

7. Dyson - May 29, 2009

Why bother putting up a poll? You’re just going to manipulate the results like you manipulate the comments section.

8. Brigitte - May 29, 2009

I voted for Brady, I think he looks like a Brady and I’m absolutely not influenced by the fact that it’s your man crush’s last name. At all.

He also looks like a Jack. That’s my 2 cents.

9. MRobertson - May 31, 2009

I vote other… Annyong

10. RMimnagh - June 4, 2009

Sports much? Caution in the naming of a man crush to one of your pupils. The results could be devastating. Politically correct?
Name him Michelle. Montreal roots….

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