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Hotel Seoho March 4, 2009

Posted by jorkat in Seoul.


Sorry for the delay, but the person we were stealing wireless internet from in the hotel realized what we were doing and cut-off our access. We’ve had no internet since Sunday but we’re in our new place and ready to go. I’ll try and keep the posts coming so keep the comments flowing…

We knew that once we arrived in Seoul that we would be living in a hotel for at least a few days and maybe as long as a week. We certainly didn’t expect the Ritz, but I don’t think we were adequately prepared for what we were about to experience. Had I written this post after our first night, I probably would have been much more critical, but as the days passed I actually grew to like Hotel Seoho. Sure, living out of suitcase sucks and not having a kitchen and having to eat out for every meal isn’t ideal, but in terms of location and convenience, the Seoho is where it’s at.

At first we couldn’t figure out how to use the lights. That’s because you have to insert the room key into a slot near the entrance which then triggers a series of motion sensors throughout the room and allows you to use the light switches to manually override them. When the key is inserted it also lights up a small light outside the room to let others know that the room is occupied and should not be disturbed. It’s energy efficient and eliminates unnecessary disturbances from hotel staff. Brilliant.


This tiny room also comes fully stocked with a TV, a very small fridge, 2 coat hangers, a water cooler and an escape rope. Yes, an escape rope. The bathroom is fairly standard, but as the Mulloskies had warned us, no shower curtains. Anywhere. There’s a drain on the floor so that all water that sprays everywhere gets drained properly but it’s still kind of annoying when you go to use the washroom and your socks get soaked because someone just had a shower.

Upon entering the room, I immediately noticed that 2 condoms were provided on the desk, which at first seemed odd but probably a good idea in retrospect. After further exploration, I came across some Asian porn videos and everything started to make sense. We were living in what Koreans commonly refer to as a Love Hotel. There was actually shelves full of porn in the hallway. These cheap hotels cater to young people who still live with their parents and don’t want to bring home any unwelcome guests, and the 70% of Korean men who cheat on their wives (we were told this stat last night so take it for what it’s worth).

img_54112I could go one but I’ve already been told that my posts are too long so I’ll finish by sharing the story from our first night. We were both awoken abrubtly around 5am by a large thud coming from the floor above. Neither of us knew that the other one was awake so we just laid there in complete silence wondering where the hell we were and what was going on above us. The thud was followed by a series a screams – some of pure joy, some of sheer terror. Imagine trying to drown a squirrel who’s in the midst of an orgasm – that’s exactly what it sounded like. After a while, the screams would fade and loud conversations would commence. There was clearly a party going and I’m pretty sure alcohol was involved and clothes were optional. I spent the better part of the next hour or so wondering what we had gotten ourselves into, and whether I should call the front desk (and not be able to communicate in Korean) or grab my camera and head upstairs. Fortunately we fell back asleep and that was the only incident of consequence during our week long stay.

UPDATE: We moved into our new place today and it’s a palace. And when I say palace I mean homeless shelter (stay tuned for the video tour!). I should also point out that living in a hotel triggered a chemical in my DNA and had been dormant for at least 7 years and I may or may not have “borrowed” some towels from Hotel Seoho.

Oh, and I swear I’ve never tried to drown a squirrel. Or heard one have an orgasm.




1. Kelly Taylor - March 5, 2009

All I can say is Oh my Goodness What an experience. Glad to hear you are in your apartment and things are going as well as can be expected.

Love the posts Keep them coming

Love you both
Aunt Kelly

2. Dyson - March 5, 2009

Great post. Read the first paragraph then fell asleep at my desk.

I may get to the rest of the post later, if I am reallllly bored.

3. Sub - March 5, 2009

How’s Zeff?

4. Kasia Fink - March 5, 2009

Only TWO clothes hangers? Only TWO condoms for a whole week? I was going to comment on how hard done by you guys are but then I got to the part about the porn library in the hallway. You had me going for a sec there Jordan but now I see how much you actually did like it. So much that you wanted to keep the towels that other people wiped their bu- er, hands on as a souvenir. Oh and thanks for that DNA fact – I just solved the mystery of all the towels that keep disappearing in our house following your visits. Thanks for that and no, don’t bring back ones from Korea for us as a replacement.

5. Better Fink - March 5, 2009

That brilliant light outside the room also helps people to identify when you are not in your room so they can break in and rob you blind – brilliant invention. And well done on preemptively blocking my squirrel jokes.

Katie, thanks for the side email letting me know how effective the escape rope is as a sex toy but do be carefule as I’m sure others have used it in a similar manner before.

6. Matty - March 5, 2009

Maybe Richard Gere was staying in the SAME hotel, a mere floor above you…… Crazy.

7. Erin - March 5, 2009

Ahh Dyson… I look forward to being on the giving end of critical blog comments …. payback’s a bitch Jman.
Ps. did the condoms fit? ‘friends’ of ours had issues with said condoms

8. jorkat - March 5, 2009

Katie here, What’s a condom?

9. Suranyi - March 6, 2009

at least you had beds…;)

those condoms are a work of art.

10. Sub - March 6, 2009

Specifically with regard to comment #7.


11. Dyson - March 6, 2009

Erin your blog was beautiful. Is Sean putting one together for his Hampton road trip to see Phish?

12. jules - March 6, 2009

i’m curious about the escape rope. please make sure you make use of it at least once before you come home.
No escape rope story, no come back to Canada

13. Little Lunan - March 10, 2009

As if the post wasn’t good enough.. the comments may be even better (sorry Jordan).. I will give props to the following though:

“I should also point out that living in a hotel triggered a chemical in my DNA and had been dormant for at least 7 years and I may or may not have “borrowed” some towels from Hotel Seoho.” Well done, but as Fink 1 said: ew.

“Oh, and I swear I’ve never tried to drown a squirrel. Or heard one have an orgasm.” Best blog ending. Ever.

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