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Arriving in Seoul February 27, 2009

Posted by jorkat in Seoul.

Thanks to the 5-hour layover in Chicago, we were able to be the first ones to check into our next flight to Seoul and were fortunate enough to get great window seats next to the emergency exit. Therefore, we had all the leg room we could ask for and could get up at will and use the washroom a few steps away. We didn’t have as many movies and TV shows to choose from but we had plenty to read and music and podcasts to listen to. We had fairly high expectations for our airline experience and we weren’t disappointed. The quality of service and all the amenities provided were phenomenal. We were served two above-average meals, served unlimited drinks and were able to get a few hours sleep to get our bodies on Korean time for our arrival at 6am.

Upon landing we got through customs without delay and had our bags waiting for us. As we walked out of the baggage claim into the greeting area we were met by a sea of Koreans and a variety of signs. Our new friend Jeff had a sign waiting for him – Zeff Hamilton. There was also a large sign on display right in front with our names and another girls name as well. There was only one thing missing – Mr. Kang.

img_5406 Since our sign was surrounded by at least 20-30 Korean men who all looked like Mr. Kang. I simply stood right next to the sign and said “Mr. Kang?!” so everyone could hear me. Nothing but blank stares. After about 15 minutes or so a man on his cell phone approached the sign, looked at it thoroughly and then looked at me. “Mr. Kang?” I asked. Blank stare. I pointed to the sign and said “Jordan”. Blank stare. He then proceeded to finish his cell phone conversation and started talking to the guy next to him and completely ignore me. Alright then. After a few more minutes Katie was approached by another gentlemen who may have been Mr. Kang and instructed the guy who ignored me to drive us. We suspect that one of those guys was Mr. Kang and that they were probably helping the other girl on the sign while we were waiting, but we’ll never know as neither spoke english.

We proceeded to load our stuff into mini-van and were off on what was supposed to be a 45 minute drive to our destination in Seoul. It took 1.5 hours. We were coming into central Seoul during primetime rush hour between 8-9am. It was a disaster. In between dozing off, we exchanged awkward attempts at speaking english and Korean with our driver as he occasionally rolled down the window. Either he loves the smell of rush hour traffic in smog-filled downtown Seoul or he didn’t like the smell of his cargo fresh off over 24 hours of non-stop travel. I think it was Katie.

We finally arrived at the school around 9am and were introduced to Han. I had to fight every fibre of my being not to ask him where Chewbacca was, or what it was like to be frozen in carbonite. He was very nice, spoke excellent english and escorted us to our hotel just a few short blocks away.

We had arrived at our temporary home.


1. Dyson - February 28, 2009

What did you have for lunch that day?

2. sean - February 28, 2009

Im surprised that half the people there weren’t named Mr. Kang. Whats the neighborhood like? And I am actually very curious what your first meal was… Great question Dyson.

3. Chrissy - February 28, 2009

Wow, you guys have had quite an adventure so far…and it’s only just begun! I love this blog…WELL DONE JORDAN!! (Although it is not nearly as good as Katie’s texts..I’m completely in withdrawal!!!!…I need a text buddy!!! Any takers?!?!! :))

4. Corrina & Matthew - February 28, 2009

I can’t wait to hear about your new diggs. Please post more details about the hood and the interesting folks who you are meeting. And seriously, what are they feeding you? Do you need an interpretor to figure out what is on the plate?

LOVE reading of every detail in this grand adventure! Thank you, Katie for sharing it with us!

Hugs, Corrina, Matthew, Gabby & Liam

5. Kasia Fink - March 1, 2009

Jordan I was about to call you a really bad (but pretty funny name) but then I remembered I have to keep up appearances ’cause your mom is probably reading all the comments. D’oh. But anyway, why? Because sheesh, I can’t believe I’m the last to know about your blog. How embarrassing. Don’t you know by now that anything you tell Rob does NOT get passed on to me?!

P.S. Thanks for the link to Purple Gables but I don’t write there anymore – it’s now goodfinking.com.
P.P.S. You might think being on the other side of the world gets you out of the post-wedding kiss you still owe me but it doesn’t. I will wait for you.
P.P.P.S. When’s Katie gonna write a post?

6. Ryan Murphy - March 2, 2009

Hi Jordan,

I’m a friend of Brian Ker’s. I live in Hong Kong but have 2 friends living in Seoul. Let me know and I can pass their emails to you. Have fun in Korea!


7. Brent - March 2, 2009

I knew you’d encounter difficulties finding Mr. Kang!!! He’s so elusive that Kanger!

8. Dyson - March 3, 2009

I reject the entire premise of this blog.

9. Mulqueen - March 4, 2009

I reject the entire premise of Jordan’s existence.

I accept Katie. She is fantastic.

10. Brigitte - March 4, 2009

Anxiously waiting for the next post, wth?

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